In 1990 "bitten" by the "Dobermicrobe" and since than I've dedicated my life to the Dobermann.
In 1997 my kennel "van Crowded House" was registered by the Royal Society Saint Hubertus and the FCI.
In 1999 I got the permission for breeding by the Board of Trade (Government) and
in 2009 my recognition was extended again (HK 10301340).
You can also find me in the Yellow Pages (section 7440).
The certificate for dog instructor and dog psychology was obtained on march 3rd 2001.
Member of the Dobermann Friends in Holland (DVIN).
I have Dobermann and Miniature Pinschers puppies with pedigree available.
A written health guarantee & sales agreement, a veterinary/EU passport, a microchip and the assistance and follow up
of the new puppy owners are evident as well as taking care of your Dobermann or Miniature Pinscher during the holidays.
Every puppy is raised in a social and familial environment. All our puppies grow up within the house !
I make them familiar with the garden, children, other dogs, cats, the car, etc.
Both parents are almost always present (mother always).
My Dobermanns are devoted, friendly, passionate and stylish with a considerable dose of self-confidence.
They are family dogs to the backbone.
I started breeding with offspring from "Hof ter Eeckhout", "van ’t Ravenland" and "van de Doberhoeve"
where we still have some females from.
Some of my current females and males our imported from the best European kennels like Come As You Are (Serbia), De Grande Vinko (Ukraine), Tahi-rème (Hungary), Daker (Poland), du Fief des Kallistos (France), Nordsea Pride (Belgium) and van ’t Duinezicht (Belgium).
Subsequently there started a cooperation with the breeder of this last named kennel so that we decided to also import 2 beautiful Miniature Pinschers together from Finland and Ukraine from top combinations where we already achieved very nice results with on show and where I will breed with in the future.

For information or a visit without further engagement you can contact me :

Els Watteny
Kleine Ruiseledestraat 9
8700 Tielt - Kanegem (Belgium)
Tel.: 0032/51687922
E-mail: vancrowdedhouse@skynet.be


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